Damn, I hate rush hour. I swear I’m about to start going into work at 7am so that I can be getting out of there by 3.30pm! Nobody has time to sit in this shit all day, every damn day!” I yelled out in my car. It’s not like anybody could hear me, but I wanted to get that off of my chest anyway.

I’d been living here in Los Angeles for 2 years and still wasn’t used to the traffic.  I moved here with my fiancé, Karson, when he got a promotion on his job. We came here from Kansas City and we both loved it. The only thing I didn’t love … was this traffic.

I know for a fact I had been sitting in the same spot for almost half an hour when a song came on that brought a huge smile to my face. One of the few smiles of my f-ed up day. With You by Tony Terry.

I loved this song. It was special to me. This was the first song me and Karson danced to when we met. It was the song that played at the end of our first date. Karson had it on his little “sex playlist” the first time we made love. He even proposed to while this song was playing in the background.  If that wasn’t enough, it is gonna be the first song we danced to as a married couple at our reciption later on this year.

I sang along, hitting all of the notes. To others, I might have sounded like a wounded puppy, but in my mind, I was getting it!!

Right as the song ended my phone rang. “Answer call”, I said to the blue-tooth command in my car.

“Hey baby. You on your way?” It was Karson. He was good for stuff like this, calling when I was thinking about him. We were in-sync like that.

“Hey bookie.  Yes, I’m on my way home. You need me to get you something?”

I don’t even know why I asked that. It was clear no one was gonna let me over anytime soon. I didn’t even have it in me to cuss some fool out for not letting me slide, if I made the attempt.

Who was I kidding?? Yes, I did!! My road rage was real.

“Nah, girl. I was just missing you. It’s later than usual for you to be home. That’s all.” I could tell Karson was smiling. I could hear it

“Yeah, I think somebody had a wreck up here. I’ve been in this same spot for awhile.”

“And you’re not cussing and complaining?? You must have had a good Rush Hour mix going ” he laughed.

“Nah, I’ve been good babe.” I lied.

“Your lying ass ..” He called me on my shit, still with the giggles. He knew me. That was for damn sure.

“Whatever.” I giggled too, “While I’ve got you on the phone, I want to talk to you about something.”

The was a long pause. So long I thought maybe one of us had lost signal, before he said with a sigh, “Aww shit. What’s up?”

“Why you say it like that?” I prided myself on never being a nagging woman, so I wanted to know what was up with that pause.

“No good conversation has ever started with, “I wanna talk to you about something.” He said as he mocked my voice.

“All I wanted to say is that I love you, Karson. I love you so much. You make me feel special almost every single day. You take care of home. You don’t have me out here looking crazy with any cheating. You been through everything with me, and you’re still here. I’m so grateful for you babe.” Then I switched gears and said in my best hood voice, “Now tell errbody you know that that “I wanna talk to you” mess ain’t true.”

“That’s it?”

“What do you mean, That’s it?? Yeah that’s it. Can’t believe you!!” I said laughing. That fact that he couldn’t believe that was all I wanted to say was hilarious.

“Well since you being all sappy and shit, let me put my sugar in the mix.” The smile in his voice was back.

Everybody loved to hear that they were appreciated, and our song really had me reminiscing and appreciating mine. He wasn’t perfect but, he was my everything. Karson had me, lock, stock, and barrel.

“I’m in love with you too. I can’t wait till September when I make you mine before God, because He was most definitely the One who sent you to me. You’re my Queen, Kima. Everything about you is royal. You make want to be better everyday. I am better everyday, because you’re with me. Plus you take this dick like the real MVP. Even though you still can’t take what dis mouth do for shit!” He cracked up.

Leave it to this fool to crack a joke when I was trying to be serious. I shook my head and ended up laughing with him.

Who was I trying to fool?? That’s one of the reasons why I loved him. He could make me laugh at the most inappropriate times.

“Whatever yo!! I can take whatever you can give. Believe dat! That’s why ya ass put a ring on it! Act like you don’t know Son. I can show you boo!” I joked back.

“Listen to you saying “Yo” like you’re from New York or some shit.” He was really laughing now. “Hurry up and bring that ass home and show me what’s good then. ”

“Say no more!” Then I hung up in his face.

He called right back still laughing, “You’re paying for that!” Then he hung up.

I can’t stand him” I yelled out in the car still giggling too. “Let me hurry up and get home.”


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