Picnicing and Politicing

"Aria, come to the park with me." Dominik all but demanded on the other end of the phone. "Huh?" I asked trying to stall for time.  Parks and other outdoor activities weren't really my thing, but Nik didn't know that. I was trying to think of a way to say 'no' gently. "If you can … Continue reading Picnicing and Politicing


Reparations or Nah?

"See, that's what's wrong with the black community now ... everybody wants a handout!" Maliq huffed out in frustration. Maliq was a black nationalist at heart like, Malcolm X and Frantz Fanon.  He didn't believe that blacks should take anything from other races. It was up to them to help themselves. "Wait a minute. How … Continue reading Reparations or Nah?

Issa Movie Night

"Have you ever thought about doing the fish pedicure thing in here?" "Bailey, who has time to be trying to take care of some dead skin eating fish?" My identical twin sister, Brielle, answered my question with a question of her own.  After a long week of standing on my feet, there is absolutely nothing … Continue reading Issa Movie Night